Risa Powell Ministries 

                                       Sharing the message of hope one song at a time.                                                                    


Risa has a desire to see souls reached for the goal of Gods Heaven, and to be a witness for Jesus Christ; through the message of music and testimony of Gods unfailing grace, mercy, and love.  The ministry encourages, is uplifting, and inspirational, as it aspires to all ages to seek solace, and assurance in Him.  It is with purpose and vision of this ministry to point others to the cross of Jesus Christ, and His Word for salvation, and restoration in Ones life.  

     Psalms 111:9

"As we embark on these days of changes in our world, its my prayer to see lives reached, with positive impact for the greater good.  Only through Him, can addictions be broken, shattered lives be restored, and new hope be given, for those who will call on the most excellent name of Jesus Christ."

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"Pastoral References are available upon request."